Creativity Games

Game example
Game example
Game example

1: A Non-Existing Item

Duration: 30 min – 1 hour

Group size: Up to 20 Pax

Game link: None

Participants should be paired

1 step. Participants have 20 minutes to talk about an item that doesn’t exist, but society would need it

After that, the couple stands in front of the auditory and plays the thing without words, and the whole audience guesses what the thing is. Guess discusses the usefulness of the item; if not, the couple presents what the item was about.

2 step: Connect two pairs and try to combine their items into a single whole so that they both work as one system and play again after 20 minutes.

3 step is even more pairing and repeating the process.

This is done until all the participants come together and create a common system of non-existent objects, but the system must be rational and able to function successfully.

2: Recharge Your Battery 

Duration: 10 – 30 min

Group size: Up to 20 Pax

Game link: None

to raise the esteem of members of the group, highlight the positive sides of individuals, and give the view that each individual has got many good and positive knowledge and skills. Can be organised in the classroom or outdoors.

Supplies: lists of paper for each participant, pens, and pins.

1. Introduction

All the activity members are given a sheet of paper, a pin, and a pen. The sheet is pinned on the backs, and members individually move in the room. The task is to write something good about this person on the paper for each participant. Members walk freely around the room and make notes on the sheets of the other members.

2. Battery charging

After representing the task, group members “charge batteries” mutually. The trainer can check that there are no negative notes and moderate the time, which depends on the group dynamic.

3. Evaluation

At the end of the activity, when all the members have finished writing the positive notes, they are asked to take back their papers and read the notes from the other members in silence. Then, the trainer can ask people to share some of their received messages.

The sheet with positive notes can serve to participants every time they feel the need to raise their self-esteem. The “battery” lasts forever. If there was a negative comment on one´s back, it is necessary to ask why and who wrote it down. The activity can also show the possible negative relationships among group members, which must be analysed later.

3: Can Life

Duration: 45 – 60 min

Group size: 3 – 50 Pax

Game link: None

The game is to reuse cans and turn them into art.

Supplies: Cans, cutting materials, working space.

Transforming cans into art, besides being a good practice, is also very pleasant to see how simple cans, can be turned into pictures, earrings, necklaces, etc.. With the help of facilitators, people will create pieces of art they choose.