Entrepreneurship games

1: Taxlandia
2: Virtonomics
3: Sustainable Shaun

1: Taxlandia

Duration: 1 round per day

Group size: 1 player

Game link: taxedu.campaign.europa.eu/taxlandia

Enjoy our educational simulation game that explains and promotes tax education! You are now in Taxlandia, a tiny European state with gorgeous mountains and clear blue lakes. A popular tourist destination when the economy was booming and a country with minimal taxes, Taxlandia now faces an unprecedented crisis. A lot of companies moved their headquarters, and tourism decreased. Last year, the government announced that a tax increase was planned to react to this crisis. Soon, an unofficial “tax rebellion” started.

YOU have been appointed the new Prime Minister of Taxlandia! You have to start making decisions about taxes, care for your citizens, build new infrastructure and support the country’s continuous development.

Earn high scores as you solve various quests
Save cities from natural disasters and lousy investment
Restore happiness and welfare in Taxlandia
In the process, understand the tax mechanisms and how they are collected.

1. It’s translated into all 28 EU languages.
2. PLATFORMS: Android 4.3+, iOS 6+, Windows 8+ and HTML5
3. HINTS and TIPS:
I. It is not easy being a Prime Minister; that’s why you will have a guide throughout the game
II. Lots of hints and explanations, an easy-to-understand glossary of terms that you can also use in class
III. Three levels of difficulty, age-based: 9-12 year olds, 13-17 year olds, 18-25 year olds

2: Virtonomics

Duration: 1 round per day

Group size: Non-limited

Game link: Choose a game from the three available games: virtonomics.com

1.1.The start-up game “Entrepreneur” is a severe educational start-up simulation game designed for the practical training of novice entrepreneurs and start-up managerial teams. The primary purpose of this business game is to simulate a realistic market environment. As a result, an entrepreneur can create a virtual prototype of their future company, develop and improve managerial and entrepreneurial skills, and gain experience in surviving and developing a business in a competitive environment while making all the typical mistakes without the risk of losing natural capital.

Do you have an idea and the desire to start your own business? Perhaps you’re already a start-up’s founder but lack the necessary knowledge and experience. To protect yourself and your company from making typical mistakes at the growth stage, you must take a crack at “Virtonomics Entrepreneur”. If you want to test specific market strategies or economic models while improving your business management skills, ensure you do it in a realistic start-up simulator.

1.2.The management simulation game “Mafia Manager” is a browser-based online strategy game with PvP features designed for true connoisseurs of hardcore economics games involving espionage and the mafia! Feel the plethora of gaming opportunities at your fingertips. With over 200 different industries for your corporation, dozens of countries where you can create your political party and become the governor or president, the option of owning your secret service, and the possibility of cooperating with other players, this game is worth the investment. Not only that, but you’ll gain access to a powerful PvP combat arsenal to either attack competitors or protect their interests. Form alliances, organize your mafia clan, master corporate espionage, engage in competitive wars, create a monopoly and walk on the razor’s edge- you are in control.

1.3.The economics online game “Tycoon” The goal of this business simulation game is to build a globally efficient company in a challenging and competitive environment. You’ll receive start-up capital and the opportunity to develop your virtual company in any way you want. Get acquainted with a huge world, its vast geography, dozens of industries, hundreds of products, and thousands of competitors! The uniqueness of this business simulation lies in its versatility and the complete freedom it offers you. You can manage stores and factories, become an agricultural or industrial magnate, and even become the governor or president of a country. Moreover, you can

focus on technological or scientific research, urban planning, political races or public administration. The possibilities are endless! Start a tycoon game online now!

Register for the selected game.
Follow the game process: Get a ready-made, virtually diversified business and learn how to manage it effectively while ensuring profit growth. Perform practical training tasks in a start-up simulator while managing your company’s business processes. Analyze markets and look for opportunities, all while competing and collaborating with thousands of players. Create a virtual prototype of your future business in our start-up simulator; learn how to develop and scale it. Test business models, hypotheses and strategies using a game environment. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! AI helps in tracking your mistakes, testing your business skills and measuring your progress along the way

3: Sustainable Shaun

Duration: 1 round per day

Group size: Non-limited

Game link: sustainableshaun/game_en.htm

This game is free to play. It challenges young people to build a sustainable city by balancing five themes: food, nature, energy, transport, and resources, whilst inspiring learners to think about green issues.

The Shaun the Sheep game will help teach us about how to create a cleaner, healthier, more ‘sustainable’ future for our cities and the planet! In the game, you must help build a new eco-friendly city for the stray animals of the Big City, keeping them all happy by monitoring resources, food, energy, transport and nature issues.

Have a go at building your city over ten days while the farmer is away! And, if you think you are green enough, come and have a go at Shaun’s missions! Try to solve a problem by guiding Shaun and his flock and saving your city. 9-12 year olds, 13-17 year olds, 18-25 year olds.