Make a Word Game


45-90 minutes

Group size


Make a word game

In Make a Word Game, students will use spreadsheet formulas and functions to create a word game and play with a partner.
By the end of this lesson, students should be able to:

Achieve the following objectives: 
Create a quiz in Google Forms.
Add questions, answers, and an answer key to a form.

Answer the following essential questions:
How can I view responses collected in a form?
How can I create a digital form to share with others?
What is the best way to format information for a quiz?
How do I organize information in a form?

Internalize the following enduring understanding:
Using a form is an efficient way to collect and analyze information from other people.

This lesson is designed to be completed in a single class period. It has multiple videos for students to watch, which vary in duration and guide students through building a main project around a central theme. Also included are three optional extension videos, which should each take students 5-10 minutes to complete. They can be added to the main lesson to extend instructional time and allow students to add on to their projects and reinforce skills.

Say: In this lesson, you will use Google Forms to make a guessing game where you create a question about yourself and challenge others to guess the correct answer.

Say: Go to and select “Sign In” to log into your profile. If you see “Wait,” click it and move onto the next unit. If you already see “Introduction to Create a Guessing Game” then you are ready to begin watching the first video. Watch the first video, and complete the steps described.

Teacher Note: If students need help accessing the lesson, have them navigate the curriculum menu by clicking on “Curriculum” at the top of the page, then scrolling down and selecting the correct lesson.

Intro/Closing Questions:
Have you ever created a quiz or a form before?
Have you ever taken an online quiz?
Can you think of a question to ask for your guessing game?

Which was harder? Creating  a question or making up some answers?
Was it hard to find an image for your hint?

Wrap up the lesson

Wrap-Up: Summarize the lesson and celebrate that, as a result of the skills learned, they created an exciting project.

Say: In this lesson, you created a question about yourself that others had to guess the answer to. You created a quiz in Google Forms and added a multiple choice question, answers, and added an image as hint.

What question did you choose to ask about yourself?
What else could you use a form or quiz for?
Besides using an image, what other ways might you add a hint for your quiz question? 

Screen shot from game